Jewelry Designs for Today’s Woman

Woman Thinking (1000x800)-01   Who do jewelry designers design for anyway?

I think that a lot of jewelry designers design for themselves and forget about the needs of their target customers. I strongly believe it’s important to keep the needs of your customers front and center during your design process. Yes, it’s important to remain true to your design aesthetic, but your customers’ needs are also crucial. If a classic 18” stylish chunky necklace is needed for a business suit, then that’s what I create, not a necklace for a wedding. I care what my customers think. I listen attentively to my audience and pay attention to what they say. I create jewelry pieces that are appropriate for the various activities that fill the sophisticated woman’s life. My goal is to use my talents to create jewelry that women will cherish and want to wear again and again.

I use quality materials that are stylish and practical. I never include tiny clasps that are difficult to maneuver and make it hard on my audience to use simply because I decided I could buy these cheaper. I hate those clasps, so I never include them in my jewelry. I use more expensive clasps. Each of my necklaces uses a stylish, quality clasps that are easy for my customers to manipulate.

It took me years to learn the valuable lesson of “less is more.” I continue to look for new ways to incorporate simplicity in some of my pieces, paying attention to the tiniest of details, which tends to make my jewelry pieces stunning and wearable. My designs are more attractive, classic, and versatile than most other jewelry out there. This didn’t happen by accident. I listen, grow as an artist, and consistently work at improving my craft and design aesthetic. Studying art and art history helped teach me many valuable lessons artists know about design. I cherish the advice and thoughts I have received over the years from boutique owners, customers, and friends. When designing, I try to remember to simplify when possible. I’ve found that some of my simplest pieces are the most successful because they are elegant, versatile, and great for travel.

You may check out my jewelry designs under the “Collections” tab. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts or comments. I take viewers’ comments seriously and value their input. I will personally respond to everyone that contacts me.

All the best, Christina Acosta

— Blue Diva Designs is where creativity and versatility flourish. “Authenticity makes my designs uniquely mine, and memorable.”  Christina Acosta

About Blue Diva Designs

My company, Blue Diva Designs, creates simply elegant, classic handmade jewelry for the sophisticated woman. Blue Diva Designs is a jewelry company located in Laguna Niguel, California that creates and sells elegant, versatile hand-crafted jewelry for the sophisticated woman. Blue Diva’s various collections are inspired by art movements, nature, architecture, and travel. Christina Acosta, Blue Diva Designs’ Creative Director, spends many hours creating each jewelry item for sale so customers can wear them with pride. Each piece is made with high quality semi-precious stones, metals, and other elements, along with her design sensibilities as an artist, graphic designer, and marketing professional. You may wish to follow Christina on social media on most popular platforms, including and
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3 Responses to Jewelry Designs for Today’s Woman

  1. mysm2000 says:

    Hi Christina, I like your blog and your jewelry designs. I don’t see a “Follow” button on your blog. If you added that, then interested people like myself would be notified whenever you add to your blog site. I hope you’ll do that. Meanwhile, I’ll check back from time to time. Good luck with your design line.


    • I plan on posting many new pieces in mid-June 2015. Also, I plan to begin doing a lot of blogging in summer 2015. I’m doing everything, so it is difficult, but I will get it done. I will post beauty and fashion commentary. I will find out how to post a Follow button and post it.

      Thanks for your comments.


    • Hi there. You sent me an email back in 2014 about my website since I didn’t have follow buttons. I finally decided to take a WordPress class and build up my website. I have put my jewelry on my website and so you can take a peek if you are interested. I have added follow buttons and my social media sites to the website. I’d love to know your thoughts. Also, I’m following you. I like reading about your travel.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m glad that my website now looks professional, but it has taken many hours of hard work to get it where it is today.

      All the best, Christina Acosta


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