Makeup for Today’s Woman

Today’s women are beginning to embrace the limited makeup look—the focus on “less is more.” I see this softer makeup look as a refreshing trend. Take a look at Jennifer Lopez. These days, you often see her with softer eye makeup and lips, along with barely-there face makeup and defined eyebrows. In the photo below, Jennifer is wearing darker lipstick to dress up her look for a more sultry evening look. But, you can clearly see Jennifer’s softer, classier makeup.

She is stunning this way. She looks more confident, and her natural beauty shines through. (This photo of Jennifer Lopez was taken by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals      Here, Jennifer is wearing fresh, contemporary makeup, compared to the heavy made-up look used by women in the 80s and 90s. Women are becoming more comfortable in their own skins. They no longer feel that they have to cover up their faces with heavy makeup to look beautiful. That’s pretty darn refreshing, wouldn’t you say?

Take a look at Morgan Fairchild. She is an attractive gal, but she doesn’t look nearly half as attractive as she could without all this heavy makeup weighing her down. Below she is pictured back in the 80s when she was on Dallas and used a more heavy-handed approach to her makeup application. I’m sorry, but for me, this is over the top and gawdy.

MorganFairchild07    Many of today’s women are in the working world. In that world, it is imperative that you wear less makeup in order to be taken seriously. A simple, but authentic look really enhances a professional woman’s look and helps her look credible and genuine. It allows her natural beauty to come shining through.

Take a look at the style of two of my favorite women in the public eye: Natasha McElhorne and Kamala Harris, an actress and government official. Take a look at Natasha in Ronin with Robert DeNiro. I love the look of these women. They are so confident and comfortable in their own skins. Both shine and exude a natural beauty that isn’t dragged down by tons of makeup.

These two woman are the type that are always front and center in my mind when I design jewelry. They are sophisticated, worldly, educated, and have a quiet elegance about them. They are fabulous—beautiful, but approachable and authentic.

I see the limited makeup look as a major fashion trend, and boy is it refreshing! I design my jewelry for the intelligent, confident, forward thinking woman that believes in quiet elegance. She gets attention via her quiet manner, not by wearing clothes and jewelry that scream, “look at me.”

I specifically designed Blue Diva Designs for this self-assured, independent woman who understands, as in art, sometimes, less is more.

Below are a few of my necklaces that truly shine on women like these.

What do you think? I’d like to know.

“Authenticity makes my designs uniquely mine, and memorable.” Check out my various designs by clicking on the “Collections” tab. Enjoy!

About Blue Diva Designs

My company, Blue Diva Designs, creates simply elegant, classic handmade jewelry for the sophisticated woman. Blue Diva Designs is a jewelry company located in Laguna Niguel, California that creates and sells elegant, versatile hand-crafted jewelry for the sophisticated woman. Blue Diva’s various collections are inspired by art movements, nature, architecture, and travel. Christina Acosta, Blue Diva Designs’ Creative Director, spends many hours creating each jewelry item for sale so customers can wear them with pride. Each piece is made with high quality semi-precious stones, metals, and other elements, along with her design sensibilities as an artist, graphic designer, and marketing professional. You may wish to follow Christina on social media on most popular platforms, including and
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