Multiple Necklace Look-Fresh & New

I love the multiple necklace look. Yes, I love it and wear it often. Try it and see if you agree. It’s a very cool look! Choose a pretty basic style like ones listed below. By the way, the jewelry layering also applies to bracelets. Below is a basic David Yurman sterling silver bracelet with a touch of gold. It’s great.

I love accessorizing with more than one necklace. It gives an ensemble a feeling of texture and interest. I love wearing my Essy or David Yurman chain necklaces that come with beautiful cross pendants. With a nice quality cross necklace as the base, I will often add one of my elegant, classic necklaces. The combination of the two is fabulous. It is like the wearer is coming up with an interesting new necklace combination. It’s a look I like a great deal and use often.

Below is a cross necklace that I love. It is so ethnic, but cool. I came across it online and I posted it on my Pinterest account. However, I don’t know where I can buy it. I will buy it when I find it for sale. This is the type of necklace that would look fabulous with one of my Blue Diva Designs necklaces.

I like to wear this style of necklace along with one of my designs to change up the look. It makes a look a little more casual and is a great look when you want to change things up. My necklaces go great with a basic sterling silver cross necklace. The combination is fresh and attractive. It’s different without being over the top.


Below is a man wearing the multiple cross/necklace look. He is using multiple crosses and different style chains. What a great look! A woman could wear this look. It reminds me of a look you might wear to a beach outing. It’s casual, but cool. I love it.


Here are two more multi-necklace looks. The first look is cool and could be worn on days where you really want to look funky or go to a wild club. It’s definitely a bit over the top, but fun! The second one is interesting and more subdued.


Below are some of my jewelry designs that would look great with a sterling silver pendant and chain. If you aren’t into crosses, try something else.

Tell me what you think about the multiple necklace look? Do you like it? It’s good for a change.

About Blue Diva Designs

My company, Blue Diva Designs, creates simply elegant, classic handmade jewelry for the sophisticated woman. Blue Diva Designs is a jewelry company located in Laguna Niguel, California that creates and sells elegant, versatile hand-crafted jewelry for the sophisticated woman. Blue Diva’s various collections are inspired by art movements, nature, architecture, and travel. Christina Acosta, Blue Diva Designs’ Creative Director, spends many hours creating each jewelry item for sale so customers can wear them with pride. Each piece is made with high quality semi-precious stones, metals, and other elements, along with her design sensibilities as an artist, graphic designer, and marketing professional. You may wish to follow Christina on social media on most popular platforms, including and
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