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Art’s Influence on Blue Diva Designs

Art history is a subject that I never find tiring. I’ve spent the past several years taking so many art, jewelry making, graphic design, and art history classes, your head would spin. These classes have made me more sensitive to … Continue reading

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Multiple Necklace Look-Fresh & New

I love the multiple necklace look. Yes, I love it and wear it often. Try it and see if you agree. It’s a very cool look! Choose a pretty basic style like ones listed below. By the way, the jewelry … Continue reading

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Makeup for Today’s Woman

Today’s women are beginning to embrace the limited makeup look—the focus on “less is more.” I see this softer makeup look as a refreshing trend. Take a look at Jennifer Lopez. These days, you often see her with softer eye makeup … Continue reading

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Fashion Chanel Style

Chanel often offers the ultimate fashion experience. Here is a nice video of Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2016/17 show in Paris. Here Chanel is incorporating dark fuchsia and a dusty blue colors and an intriguing combination of textures in both its clothing and over-the-top jewelry … Continue reading


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Blue Diva Designs—A Fresh Jewelry Approach

Simply stunning, classic artisan jewelry for the sophisticated woman. Continue reading

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Cross Necklaces

     I’m a big fan of crosses and cross necklaces, and that’s not just because I’m Catholic. To me, the cross represents peace, kindness, and the Christian way of living and thinking (whether or not you are Christian). It represents … Continue reading

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Jewelry Designs for Today’s Woman

   Who do jewelry designers design for anyway? I think that a lot of jewelry designers design for themselves and forget about the needs of their target customers. I strongly believe it’s important to keep the needs of your customers … Continue reading

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