My Design Process

I put a great deal of thought into my jewelry designs. I want each necklace and bracelet I create to be one that its owner will treasure. During the design process, I keep in mind the elements and principles of design, color theory, art through the ages, and the needs of my target consumer.

I spent close to 10 years working on becoming an outstanding jewelry designer. During this time, I studied quite a few subjects including jewelry making, metalsmithing, graphic design, art, fashion, interior design, and art history so I could become an exceptional jewelry designer. The more training I received in the arts, the more stylish and sturdy my jewelry designs became.

Realizing that it takes time to create just the right necklace, I don’t rush the process. I want to be proud of each necklace and bracelet I make. I take the time to study the needs of my target customer and her clothing and jewelry choices. I particularly like the fashion sense of Natascha McElhone, Christine Baranski, and Kamala Harris, so I study them, along with the styles of other fashion-forward celebrities. I appreciate a more down-to-earth look. My philosophy is less is more, so my jewelry never shouts to get noticed. I design jewelry to enhance the woman, rather than take over the show. I put the wearer front and center in my jewelry designing.

In the jewelry design process, patience and flexibility are extremely important. Each necklace and bracelet I create has to have balance and “feel right” before I consider it complete. Many times I have an initial idea about a necklace I want to create. However, during the creation process, a better solution comes to me, so I change the direction of the design. Sometimes, I have to sit on a design for a few days and then come back to it with fresh eyes.

I continue to take art, graphic design, jewelry making, and art history courses to improve my design sensibilities. In addition, I regularly speak with customers and visit boutiques to get feedback on my jewelry designs. I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback on my jewelry designs from customers, as well as high-end boutiques and department stores in California.

My newest 2016 jewelry offerings are the result of the many years spent honing my craft.

I hope you enjoy wearing my designs as much as I enjoy making them for you.

— Blue Diva Designs is where creativity and versatility flourish. “Authenticity makes my designs uniquely mine, and memorable.” Christina Acosta