Fashion, Chanel Style

Chanel can be a feast for the eyes and offer the ultimate fashion experience. Here is a nice video showing Chanel fashion.The following is the Fall/Winter 2016/17 Chanel show in Paris. Here Chanel is using texture and over-the-top jewelry layering to make a statement. It’s interesting, but is it realistic for today’s sophisticated woman? What it tells me is a direction to head in, but in a softer manner.

Personally, I love layering sometimes, but not always. I like to create textural variation through color, roughness, transparency, and size. But, sometimes it is important to just use 1-2 different beads because it helps to make the overall look elegant.

I believe that “less is more.” This is how I design every piece of jewelry. My designs are meant to enhance the woman and not take over the show. They will make an outfit and tie it together through color. You will see many elegant, but versatile designs in my various collections . I specifically design my pieces so that they can be worn with many different outfits and for many different occasions. They are perfect for traveling since a single necklace can be worn with so many different outfits.

Stay tuned for new blogs discussing layering (both clothing and jewelry) and the appeal of the understated makeup look.

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